From the time I was young, I’ve loved to chase curiosity.

And regardless of whatever creative project it led me to,

it was the act of creating itself that was the source of the real joy.

That’s the Spark - where curiosity and creativity meet.

I’m creating a news source all about the creative process.

Whether it’s looking for the big ideas that drive our imaginations,

profiling the great minds from history and the headlines,

or delivering insights about the latest trends,

the Spark is a news service for creative thinkers.

What do you believe about creativity?🔎

I’ve made it my mission to help people think in new ways about creativity.

👈Join me in my creativity lab.🧪

Let’s put creativity under the microscope! 🔬

The Spark

This is where the fun happens.
What’s more fun than thinking out loud?

The Spark is a newsletter dedicated to the headlines and history, the stories and the science of creativity.

Where does innovation come from?

Where does imagination happen?

What causes the Spark?

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